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New Siding Products Added to Our Products Line in Nanaimo

At Ravenwood Exteriors, we're always up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. That's why we are excited to offer new siding products to our product line in Nanaimo and surrounding areas:

New Siding Products.jpg

Align Composite Siding: Did you know that you can now add insulation and siding to your house in one easy and stylish step? Align Composite Siding revolutionizes cladding technology by introducing a unique fusion of Glass-Reinforced Polymer and Graphite-Infused Polystyrene (GP)2. This siding offers an optimal combination of style, strength, longevity and low maintenance. By installing Align Composite Siding, you can upgrade the insulation and siding of your home efficiently and stylishly while staying ahead of today's advanced technology.

Polymac Siding: Polymac siding panels offer style, strength, and efficiency, making them a great option for any home. Their design is adaptable and flexible, with many complementary accessories readily available to enhance their performance. We're proud to be working with Polymac siding and look forward to installing it on homes throughout Nanaimo and the surrounding areas.


New Tech Wood Siding: This modern and aesthetically pleasing product is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. It can be used for an entire house or as an accent feature, adding a touch of style and sophistication to any property. With its sleek and contemporary design, New Tech Wood siding will impress. We're proud to be working with this exciting new product and can't wait to install it on homes throughout Nanaimo and the surrounding areas.

Looking for a Change?

Get in touch with us to check out the newest additions to our siding product line.

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